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Rivervales u 4 me

ULHAN DU TEMPLE SF (Kannan x Quidam de Revel) out of a RIVERVALES COURTING DESTINY SAW (Consuello x Ramiro X Joost)


Rivervales U 4 Me passes on an elegance to his progeny, who are modern and have lovely long limbs and an amazing temperament.  They do not hesitate to jump anything. He is of the same stamp as Kannan.  He himself is scopey, careful and with a very good brain. Combined with Quidam de Revel he is reacts quickly and his technique is outstanding.

‘U 4 Me’ seems to match with a lot of mares.  He adds to the canter, strength, scope, long limbs, great mind, easy to work with and has a super mouth. He will add height.


He in terms of genetics his pedigree shows many legends.  He seems to work particularly well with blood type mares.  His youngsters are very good looking.


His dam is out of an outstanding proven broodmare line by Consuello by Corofino/Corrado 1 x Landgraf 1 X Ramiro/Joost/Aa.  This mare has produced  superb progeny by Quality Time, Zacharov, Quasimodo van de Molendreef and Nixon van ‘t Meulenhof till her unfortunate passing.


He will be starting his Show Jumping career in 2023.


Chilled semen is available.

Some of his progeny

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