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Rivervales u4me

ULHAN DU TEMPLE SF (Kannan x Quidam de Revel) out of  RIVERVALES COURTING DESTINY SAW (Consuelo x Ramiro X Joost)

HEIGHT: 17.2 hh

DOB: Feb 2018 

Chilled Semen available to select mares.


Rivervales U4Me is an elegant, athletic and scopey stallion. U4Me has a temperament like no other making him a fantastic competition and breeding stallion. Despite his size of 17.2hh, he is light, uphill and oozes rideability.  The combination of Kannan and Quidam de Revel means you have a careful horse with scope and talent yet with a great work ethic and mind. 

U4Me will match well with any mare however if you are looking for something to give you length of leg, more stride or a more relaxed demeanour, look no further. U4Me has it all, and certainly has passed this along to his progeny. 

U4Me started his competitive career in 2023 and ended the year in the 1m classes. He has shown nothing but class and presence and we cannot wait to see what he does in 2024.

Some of his progeny

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