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Bono van de kiekenhoef (Imp)

SKIPPY II SF (Galoubet du Rouet x Gaur) out of GRANITA Oldb (Grannus x Isenstein x Grunspecht)


Height: 16hh

DOB: 2001

Chestnut Warmblood Stallion imported from Belgium 

Live Cover and Chilled Semen available to select mares


As a sire, Skippy 11 produced Grand Prix showjumpers, Maloubet with Hap Hansen, Nikita de l’Aubry with Fernando Sarsola, My Blood and Teresa Blazquez and Marly du Beaumont and Vincenzo Chimirri.

Skippy II is the sire of a number of licensed stallions. In the Belgian Warmblood book we find Versailles vd Begijnakker, Virus de Laubry, Quorum de Laubry and Apollo van het Lindenbos. International showjumpers include: My Blood, Sigane van de Grundeval, Sarah de St Pierre, Nilly de la Ferme Rose, Nikita de Laubry and Maloubet to name a few.

Skippy 11 is an important source of Galoubet blood. He was a French stallion and competed at International Level with Ric Hemeryck. His mainly Thoroughbred dam Gascogne produced, besides Skippy, three licensed sons: Calin d’Espoir (Double Espoir), Elan d’Espoir (Double Espoir) and Hunamour de Mai (Sirocco des Sables). In addition, Gascogne produced Amour d’Avril (Qyou de Longvaut), Frimousse d’Espoir (Galoubet A) and T’Es Delle II (Fol Avril) all of whom competed in lower level international classes.

Galoubet A has produced some incredible sons and grandsons as well to name some Baloubet du Rouet, Balou du Rouet, Taloubet etc

Grannus’s in Bono’s pedigree influenced the sport of showjumping. Grannus sired some 800 competition horses who earned just under DM4 million in prizemoney.  Showjumping stars by Grannus include Grannusch (John Whitaker), Grand Plaisir (Ludger Beerbaum), Governor (Phillipe le Jeune), Golo (Gerd Wiltfang), Burmah Grand Slam (Nick Skelton), Top Gun La Silla (Jan Tops) and many others.  Its said Grannus’s legacy may live on more through his daughters.  Well its well placed in Bono’s pedigree.

The Trakehner Isenstein in Bono’s pedigree adds a refinement component in further generations plus forward thinking, elasticity and quickness to his line.


This line comes through many times also in top Eventing Sires and Event Horses such as Opposition Buzz, Fleetwater Opposition, Le Prince Des Bois, Opposition Supremacy hence this has shown in the successful Eventers produced by Bono here in South Africa.


Bono van de Kiekenhoef has more than proven himself in the capable hands of some of our Eventers and Showjumpers in South Africa.  You want a bold, elastic, quick off the ground horse with a super temperament, you cannot go wrong using Bono van de Kiekenhoef.

What sort of mares would he suit?

  • He stamps his progeny with a natural athleticism, quickness and desire to jump.

  • Bono is very intelligent, refines the heavier mare and is producing good looking horses, mostly with  beautiful head

  • We would suggest that mares are of reasonable height 16.1hh and rectangular/ stand over ground.

Some of his progeny

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