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Live Stallion Covers

We have 3 stallions standing at Stud. Some are available for live covers. We handle our covers with the utmost care for the safety of both your mare and our Stallion. Live cover is one of the best option for older mares or mares with fertility problems.


Foaling Down services

 With 30 years experience in foal deliveries your mare is in good hands.

We personally check mares every 2 hours. We have cameras in the foaling stables. There are vets in proximity, should we need them.


AI and Semen Collection

A.I. services & phantom for semen collection are provided at the Stud.

Top Veterinary services available & excellent facilities available. 

Our knowledgeable team assist the vet with scanning, inseminating frozen or chilled semen and with collections.


Broodmare Care

Pregnant broodmares receive all the attention they deserve as they near labour.

Mares are brought in to be closely monitored leading up to their due date.

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